Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zack's Gen Con Liveblog, Day 1

8:49 Looking back on today, I think one of the coolest things we noted were how many kids there seemed to be this year. Who knows how many are dialed into gaming, but it's so great to see how active and excited they were. Anyone who thinks this hobby is dying should think again. I think it's just shifting models in a lot of ways. Either way, Gen Con is affirmation: we are not alone.

Night, guys. See you tomorrow morning!

7:45: Wow! You forget how exhilarating, exhausting, thrilling, and expensive the first day of Gen Con can be!

(And yes, if you'd like to throw a few coppers my way for coverage, you can paypal to, and I will thank you profusely, as will my stomach).

First off, I wanted to ask people at Gen Con to visit my good friend Kimber Grey in Author's Alley, Booth G. She's selling copies of her first novel, Quietus. So please, if you're at Gen Con, stop by and visit this talented and charming lady and her book!

Rogue Games:

Awesome Costumes:

Paizo Advanced Player's Guide:

Lots of Pics from the incredible Hirst Model Arts booth. Amazing what you can do with their molds. Man, I want those models:

Aaaand of course, Robo-Chess. Basically a giant Lego Technic set:

That may do it for me today, ladies and gentlemen. Keep the requests coming via comments and email, and I will do my part to cover it for you.


4:45 pm:

So, Eoris Essence, the game RPGnet has been eagerly anticipating for the past however long, is finally out at Gen Con. Here's some shots of the (graphically gorgeous) next RPGnet darling:



Studio 2/Pinnacle's Savage Worlds Starter Kits were gone, early. Don't know if they're bringing out more. Here's Space: 1889: Red Sands:

So help me, the White Wolf booth is selling booze. I can't believe they're allowing it. Boobs: The Boozening:

More tonight, guys!


: This is a poster by one of the escalators: Larry Elmore, Badass-For-Hire:


WotC Booth:

The Time-Honored RPG Tradition of Kids Learning To Beat The Crap Out of One Another:

CAUTION, parents, for it can turn into this:

I got to talk to Dan Houser, artist for the ICONS RPG. Man, he is on the same wavelength when it comes to Supers as I am. Nice to chat with him for a bit:

Tracy & Laura Hickman, having a great time when I went by their booth:

Singing Pirate Group #1: A Zack Gen Con Tradition! SPG#2 Pics forthcoming!

Back with more in a bit! My goodness, you almost forget what a hectic pace you need to keep to see everything!

Also, my buddy Jeff shot this unintentionally hilarious video from the opening of the dealer hall doors at 10. Run!!!!

12:45pm: Whew!

Here's the Paizo booth & Advanced Player's Guide. It isn't the same flurry we saw last year, but their line this AM still stretched about a fifth of the length of the hall at the maximum, I think:

Green Ronin was steady with the new DC Adventures. Much brighter area than last year:

Geeky Clean Soaps might be my find of the convention! Who doesn't need TARDISoap?

Yes, you too can get real live gaming advice from Ron Edwards:

Catan Plushies: Cute or Jumping The Shark?

Back into the fray, guys! I'm getting too old (30) for this stuff!

11:00 am:
After breakfast at our favorite cafe, it was time to go into the dealer hall! As Press, we were able to get in a little early:

Ex Illis looks AMAZING! Supposed to do a demo later:

Gamescience is here, sans Col. Lou.

Behold White Wolf, and their New Orleans Goth Booth Of Selling Nothing:

Man, Q-Workshop's stuff is purty:


More in a bit, including Rogue Games, Fantasy Flight, Paizo, and more!

Here we are at Gen Con, nice and early! This is coming to you on Free Wi-Fi by Rio Grande Games!

They were still setting up when we got to Gen Con. Quiet, but the badge lines is still long.

The upload speed is nil here. I'll try to find a better connection for pics, otherwise my posting speed will be reduced:

Yay, Battletech pods!

I wasn't kidding when I said they were still setting up:

Main entrance, c. 0630:


OlmanFeelyus said...

Whoo-hoo! Keep 'em coming! I'm quite curious about the White Wolf bar. If you get a chance to go back there later in the evening someday, I'd love to hear about if it really gets swinging.

Christian said...

Love the look of that WW booth. I also dig those Gamescience dice!

Zachary The First said...

Thanks, guys! I want to get a closer look at the WW booth, too!

Lots more to post as I get time!

Tourq said...

More stuff that makes me want to go to my first convention.

OlmanFeelyus said...

That Eoris looks nice, but what makes it not just another fantasy heartbreaker?

neuronphaser said...


Not sure yet, but it's important to note it's not just fantasy. It's kinda later Final Fantasy in style, so while there are swords and magic all over the place, there's also spaceships, monsters, aliens, and conceivably psionics and cybernetics and guns, too.

The big draw for me was the social/emotional system that worked with the standard Attributes + Skill system. However, the game's taken so long to get where it is, there's plenty of other options out there now...

Zachary The First said...

I actually have no experience with the game itself, just commenting on the aesthetics. I wouldn't rule anything out as far as system goes; I just don't have anything to tell you aside from that.

Mark Gedak said...

Hey, Highmoon (Daniel Perez) was standing next to that first shot of the Rogue Games booth.

Zachary The First said...

@Mark: Good eye!

I got to talk to him for a bit today, and it was excellent!

TimmyD said...

Thanks for sharing the epic photos. I've never been, but this is going on my ToDo list.