Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zack's Gen Con Liveblog, Day 4

3 more pics, then bed:

Oh, first, I wanted to mention that I talked to a couple of the Kenzer guys today before heading out. Apparently, they just had a hellaciously amazing show in terms of custom, which reinforces what I'm hearing from so many of the gaming companies.

On the last day, the crowds have thinned out, but as you can see from the main entrance, there's still plenty of bustle. A lot of people bring huge cases or boxes the last day to snatch up all their purchases:

"There are more unicorn, wizard, and howling wolf XXXXL t-shirts, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy":

Chessex had multiple booths, and they could not have been more crowded:

I know I said 3 pics, but let's not forget our losses in the hobby this past year. Lest we forget:

Nite, all!


Day 4:

The last day of Gen Con is always sort of sad; you know it's winding down, and you're definitely tired, but you know it's going to be nearly 365 days before you see these folks again.

I took the wife and kids with me today, and by 1:00pm, they were ready to go. I know there's things I didn't get to cover, but I feel like I did about as much as I could have. I'll try to improve next year.

Green Ronin sold out of Dragon Age, and were close on DC Heroes. Jason Buhlman at Paizo had about 20 copies of the Advanced Player's Handbook, and that was around noon. They brought "a lot", though who knows what that is.

I will have plenty to cover, including my show recap tomorrow, but for now, let's go with a few more pics:

By request, the WotC Booth, Day 4:

By request, the Paizo Booth, Day 4:

Lego is coming out with a line of board games. They also had a huge pyramid for kids to climb on:

My daughter got another foam sword. She named it Sting, and words cannot express my pride:

My son, after his 4e Demo:

Another shot of the Catalyst booth:

The Skeptical Gamers were there, urging people to vaccinate, and hatin' on UFOs, Bigfoot, and Baby Jesus, presumably (really, they seemed quite nice):

Rio Grande Games, Day 4:

Paizo's demo area was just outside the dealer hall this year:

I'm really bummed, because I didn't get a chance to talk to who I needed to talk to from Paizo for a review copy of the Advanced Player's Guide. Ah well, I'll likely buy it down the road anyways.

I might cover a bit more a bit later today, but it's just as likely I'll drink a barrel of water and sleep in my air-conditioned home. I hope you have enjoyed the liveblog coverage as much as I've enjoyed bringing it to you. I take my press pass seriously; it isn't a free ride; it's to work the convention. And I hope that it comes through in my coverage of it. And, as always, I hope you can plan the gaming trip of a lifetime to make it there next year. Drop me an email if you need advice or help; plan now. I could write 100,000 words on Gen Con, and it still wouldn't do justice to seeing it for yourself.

-ZH, GC2010.


Tourq said...

She named the sword Sting? Ah, to be a proud parent, it brings tears to the eyes...

Zachary The First said...

She even sort of held it up the same way. Had there been a giant foam spider to accost, it would have been perfect.

OlmanFeelyus said...

You forced your son to play 4e? I'm calling Child Services!

Great stuff as usual, Zach. Thanks for all the work. I really appreciate your wry and sometimes downright funny commmentary as well as the many photos. It really does make for a fun weekend of passive viewing for me. One of these days, one of these days.

If you do have the time and the gumption, I would definitely be interested to read an overview or analysis or just your random thoughts on the show. But if not, I'm quite satisfied with what you delivered already.

Thanks and happy rehydration!

Matt Finch said...

Thanks for doing this coverage, Zack - I have really enjoyed it!

Zachary The First said...

@Matt: Thank you for reading! Hey, I ended up signing Odyssey's copy of S&W, which she was using for her Gen Con "yearbook" :)

@Olman: We should talk before next year's Gen Con. We may have a hotel vacancy with your name on it, gratis! :)

And I will be posting a short recap of the week tomorrow!

Damien Titchener said...

I'd just like to say thanks for all the coverage. Its almost like being there myself. Once again thanks and I'll be looking forward to next years Liveblog.