Monday, September 27, 2010

Remote Group Chargen

Our (somewhat new) group in my neck of the woods is starting a new Pathfinder campaign this Friday, and we aren't doing our normal "group character generation for the first session" routine.  Instead, we're doing

I wouldn't have tried this when I ran Rolemaster, but Pathfinder is close enough to the game most of us played at least a bit in the last 10 years that it hasn't been a problem thus far.  There's been a lot of texting back and forth, and we've got some long email chains going.  Miraculously, I think we even have our party:

-Human Bard (Archivist variant from the Advanced Player's Guide--that's me)
-Human Monk
-Half-Elf Summoner
-Gnome Rogue
-Human Cleric
-Human Oracle

It's a case of group chargen without being face-to-face.  It feels like everyone is really excited and involved so far.  Ideas are being bounced off, we're trying to get an idea for everyone's niches, and I was able to get some good feedback for my backstory.  I'm definitely excited to be actually playing instead of GMing again, and everyone seems pretty content with the system being used. 

I think we've also been helped by the online resources available.  The Pathfinder Online Reference Document and Wiki have been excellent tools, and I know I'm not the only one using them. It's also nice to have the Paizo message boards for questions that might arise.  Again, Paizo's fan-friendliness is a definite asset in deciding to use Pathfinder.


Loquacious said...

There seems to be a crucial sentence missing there, Zach. "We're doing..." just drops off without any further details.

I'm looking at some long distance gaming so I'm very interested to see the actual mechanics of how you're doing chargen without being face to face.

I always look forward to your insights!

Geek Gazette said...

Online Pathfinder Character Generator
This is what my group and I generally use when we are creating characters at our own homes before a session. I use it for important NPCs as well. It's pretty quick and the Char. Sheet that it generates is better than some of the others I've encountered.
I just make sure that everyone stays within the point buy limit I set (usually 20 since we play high magic/fantasy). The Char. Gen keeps track of everything else all you have to click what you want and watch the amount of points you are spending. It will let you multiclass, use custom classes, custom races and I think even feats, though I've never used that one. I've requested a Spellbook be added, but it hasn't happened yet. Of course I know next to nothing about writing code and have no idea how hard that would be.