Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sci-Fi Saturday: Tractor Beams, Klingons, and Wrasslin'

Whether it's the upcoming revision of Thousand Suns, or the goodness of StarCluster 3, I've got sci-fi, and a bit of science, on the brain today.  Here are three awesome articles for your enjoyment:

Scientists Create Actual Tractor Beam: Ok, so it can't be used in the void of space.  But it's still progress, darn it.

Klingon Space Opera:  No, no, not "Space Opera".  Space. Opera.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy-Themed Wrestlers: Paging Jeff Rients: are any of these guys in your Cinder campaign?  If not, why not?


Jeff Rients said...

A) I'm a huge Shockmaster fan. Someone please tell me where I can get that sparkly spraypaint so I can assault a stormtrooper helmet with it!

B) I have a whole planet of Luchadores on one of my Cinder subsector maps.

clash bowley said...

This is the way it should be in Jeff-land!

You are mad, Jeff! In the magnificient, astounding sense. :D


mahjong tiles said...

sci fi is really nice as well opera is also good one.