Thursday, October 21, 2010

A New Game, Take 2

Sorry I've been a little scarce as of late.  Between family, work, and writing, spare time has been at a premium. We should be getting settled, though, so expect more updates soon.

Our new Pathfinder game will have its second session tomorrow night.  We're in a northern city that's working on a goodly-sized war/incursion, so I'm hoping my Social Butterfly Bard (Archivist) will have a chance to chew the scenery a bit.  The first session was uneven; I always find the first few sessions after that are a good gauge for how the campaign is going to go.

And man, I find I really want this campaign to work.  I don't know if it's because we've had a string of interrupted or failed campaigns, or if I'm realizing more and more that my time to game grows ever scarcer, but I want a solid, good gaming experience.  And I'm finding it harder to shrug off the bad ones, for whatever reason.

We'll see where tomorrow night leads.  Hopefully somewhere good.


Loquacious said...

Good luck and enjoy the game!

Zachary Houghton said...


clash bowley said...

Have fun, Zach! We've missed you!


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JJ said...

Good luck man! I feel the same way, the past 2 sessions of my most recent campaign have been big bummers of lackluster playing, people dropping by unexpectedly and then staying to chat, etc.....blah!

Anonymous said...

Sporadic RPG sessions should be like egg rolls; self contained and easy to digest.

The more complex the setting, story, and adventure, the more likely the campaign will fall apart if on an irregular schedule.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just another well wisher, hope the game goes well. You deserve it.

Glad to see you posting, I check the blog daily, and have been, for the last couple years.

Even if not all of us post, we're still reading.

Good luck.

Zachary Houghton said...

Thanks, guys! I'm sorry for the brief hiatus; I try to make them sparing, but they do happen. :)