Thursday, October 7, 2010

StarCluster 3: Great Game, Great Bargain!

Here's a cool, special discount for sci-fi and space gamers, courtesy of our friends at Flying Mice LLC.

(EDIT: This should fix the link issue readers were having earlier. Sorry and thanks!).

Simply click on this link to get $2 off StarCluster 3, Flying Mice's most recent release.  For $10, it's an awesome bargain.  Nobody, but nobody, does sci-fi like Clash Bowley and company.  Here's a snippet from the product blurb:

Flying Mice's StarCluster game gets updated in a big way with the new third edition game.

* Play human, humanoid, alien, robotic, uplifted, or bioroid characters

* Create your own Company to pursue whatever aims interest you.

* Work with other player characters from the company to get the job done

* Use spaceships, planetary vehicles, personal armor, pods, and small craft

* Use morphing active plasteel equipment

* Create your own Cluster, Systems, and Worlds

* Create your own Aliens, Robots, Uplifts, and Bioroids

* Create your own Weapons, Spaceships and Vehicles

* Four different Task Resolution sub-systems

StarCluster 3 is a toolbox, filled to bursting with creative tools.

The New Cluster

In the game of StarCluster, you play civilians in the cluster, of any type, employed by a company which you construct to suit your own purposes. You can play Troupe style, with each player having more than one character, or standard single characters. Your company might be actors traveling in a showboat to backward colonies, or resource extractors stealing valuable hardwoods from a virgin planet, or merchanters trading from planet to planet, or insurance adjusters investigating a rash of spaceship accidents, or detectives unravelling bizarre crimes in a seedy city flushed with neon.

The League of Sastras, Vantors, Humans, and Tagris - or SaVaHuTa - And the Diasporan Community - or DC - are military-trading alliances, not nations. Their members are worlds, not people. Alien worlds can possibly be members, but the group or GM must decide how common this practice is. Humans came to the Cluster 500 years ago in slower than light ships, fleeting an unimaginable catastrophe in their home system. Now they are the dominant species in the Cluster.

Technology is very advanced in the Cluster. Active plasteel allows devices, vehicles, and even homes to change shape as required. Shrouds allow mental control over devices. Modifications, even radical ones, can be performed before or after birth. Soul Print locks open only to you, no matter what - or whose - shape you wear. Still, most humans in the Cluster are recognizably human. The weirder offshoots tend to drift to the fringes of society.

StarCluster gives you group-level tools, so you can create whatever you want to, and shape the setting and system to your own preferences. StarCluster 3 comes with four different resolution mechanic sub-systems - StarPerc roll-under percentage, StarKarma diceless, StarNova d6 pool add and roll-over, and StarRisk - where you can play it safe and get a mild success, or roll and chance failure to get a better result.


clash bowley said...

There appears to be a problem using that link, Zachary! I've sent you another that I've tested.


clash bowley said...

OK! Fixed! Thank you Zachary, and evryone here - enjoy!