Monday, October 25, 2010

Yeah, MiniSix Is Pretty Awesome

Having put it aside some time back to concentrate on some other project, I returned to AntiPaladin Games' MiniSix today, and I have to say I love what they've done with it.  It's robust enough to add things back in from WEG's d6 without feeling like I've messed things up, but it looks very easy to get up and going almost immediately.  It's nice to have the heart of d6 without some of the accompanying clutter.  Nice work, guys!

d6 is one of those systems that a lot of played the pants off of when younger, but lost faith during the subsequent West End Games troubles. MiniSix makes me remember why I enjoyed d6 so much.


Rosencrantz said...

I'm glad you like it!

We got a bit tired of the opend6 drama too. Phil and I volunteered at the WEG booth at Gencon 2009 because we were so excited about D6 going open.

Eric, the owner of WEG, was passionate about the planned We were given a mission to spread enthusiasm about the project. Easy for us, we're d6 truefans anyway.

On day two the Septimus books arrived and we met Bill (great guy, btw.) The very first Opend6 material.

The OGL had been released days before, iirc, so everything was set for launch.

Phil and I talked Opend6 up with hundreds of people. (Most common comment: "WEG? you're still in business?")

Anyway, we each invested a part of ourselves in the idea of Opend6. Neither of us are natural salesmen. (Kind of a problem because we're finding it hard to promote Mini Six for that very reason.)

Gencon ended.

Everyone went home and we started playing the waiting game.

It didn't look good for Opend6. Eric apparently lost enthusiasm for the project. (Understandable. We get exhausted handling the details of our micro-venture. WEG / Opend6 was a large undertaking for what essentially boiled down to one guy who had loved WEG so much, he bought the company.)

By late November the Opend6 Standard Trademark License was still nonexistent.

On a forum somewhere (Dragonsfoot I think) Phil tried to explain the basics of D6 in a nutshell.) I liked what he wrote so much that I expanded it into a very dumbed down one page version of the system.

It dawned on us that with only a little more effort it could be turned into a complete game. (We were wrong about that, btw; it was a labor of love but it was harder than we thought it would be.)

A week and half later we had essentially the first version of a game. We knew we could share it because the OGL existed, but we couldn't reference either the D6 trademark or the OpenD6 trademark.

If the trademark license had existed it probably would have ended up being a primer on OpenD6, not quite pitched as a full game. But we were forced (mostly by our own interpretations of what is acceptable) to go the route we did.

We believe in a get back to the basics approach and I'm glad it shows.

The biggest part of the job has been about condensing ideas, and tossing away the little extraneous bits that add little and slow play.

Anyway, I'm going to step off the TMI soapbox now.

Zachary Houghton said...

That's not too much TMI at all. It's an awesome explanatory comment, one of the best I've had on here! Well done!

Carpe Guitarrem said...

I will have to download this to my computer. I was very happy to see the Firefly setting, complete with strategic quotes.