Thursday, November 25, 2010

30 Things I Am Grateful For In Gaming (Roll 1d30)

From RPG Blog 2, a Very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there!

30 Things I Am Grateful For In Gaming (Roll 1d30)

1 Having a regular gaming group that’s running a solid game of Pathfinder

2 Fight On! Magazine, for getting my writer’s legs back under me after a rough spell

3 Shadow, Sword, & Spell, for energizing my campaign and world development

4 The still-awesome Open Gaming License

5 Castle of the Mad Archmage—completed!

6 Palladium Fantasy, because you never forget a first love

7 The smell of old gaming books

8 Rediscovering Lacuna

9 Mountain Dew—still the gaming drink of choice

10 Mini Six, for restoring my faith in Open d6

11 Rolling a 99 right after a 100 on a set of encounter rolls


13 Maps of all shapes and sizes

14 Kitchen-sink gaming

15 Rolemaster Criticals

16 Geeky Clean Soap

17 Traveller not only endures, but thrives

18 RPGnet’s Game Index

19 Gamescience dice

20 Having books like the Hackmaster GM’s Guide as a resource for nearly any fantasy game

21 The boys at RPG Circus, for tolerating my presence in the podcast

22 Michael Wolf and Jeff Uurtamo, for being wonderful guests at Gen Con this past year

23 Living in the city that hosts Gen Con each year

24 Clash Bowley’s games (StarCluster 3!)

25 Adding the descriptor “plasma” to a weapon type to make it more awesome

26 Rob Conley’s excellent map work and writing

27 Little Caesar’s Pizza—perfect for feeding poor gamers

28 Two-Fisted Tales, for still being a great go-to Pulp RPG

29 Great, insightful, and funny comments from readers on my gaming blog

30 The d30, of course!

Sure, Julie Andrews might not be in a hurry to sing it, but I think these favorite things are just fine, don’t you?


Loquacious said...

Those are great!

Crusty One said...

Plasma bayonet, check.

Plasma katana, check.

Plasma mace, check.

Plasma bec de guisarme, erm.

Plasma voulge, wait, no. Is this still working?

clash bowley said...

I am honored to be on your list, Zach! Thanks for the RPG Blog II! Long may it wave!


JJ said...

Plasma Blog. Radical.
I'm thankful for RPG Circus, as I listen to it at work and it helps my day go by a lot quicker!

Zachary Houghton said...

@Loquacious: Thanks so much!

@Crusty: Plasma Halberd. Don't give up on the concept.

@clash: Thanks, clash, buddy! Keep up the amazing work!

@JJ: Thanks for the compliment! That's a very kind thing to say.

Dyson Logos said...

PLASMA Double Bill-Glaive-Guisarme-Guisarme with Hook, Hilt Hook and Fluke +2, +4 against oozes!

Time to rebuild the Random Polearm Generator!

Zachary Houghton said...

@Dyson: Of course, they should be rare, except in Rifts, of course.

Great set of tables, btw!