Saturday, November 13, 2010

Donate & Get Stuff!

If you read yesterday's post, you know I'm trying to do a bit of a fundraising bit this week.  Any amount you put in the hat (Paypal at o_clever_odysseus(at), or via the link on the sidebar) will help me and the kiddos through a bit of a rough patch around the holidays.

The nice folks at Purple Duck Games are also getting in on the act.  For a limited time, when you donate here, you'll get a complimentary copy of Horrors of the GOW, a monster supplement for use with Pathfinder.  I've mentioned how much I like their  bestselling Legendary Blades, so you know you're in for some quality.  Thanks again to them for their helping out!

That's not all.  I'm also doing a drawing wherein one lucky donor will get--and you're going to like this--a copy of The Traveller Book, GDW, 1981.  This book is in fair condition, but is an absolute keepsake and godsend for the classical and sci-fi gamers, encompassing all the rules of the first 3 Traveller LBBs, plus some additional adventuring material.

The drawing prize will be announced, and the winning donor will have their package sent (likely Media Mail or Flate Rate) as soon as I get their mailing address.

Thanks again, and have a great week of gaming! Oh, and this week I plan on releasing (gratis, natch) the 16-page setting primer for my upcoming Middle Isles Campaign, based around an awesome map from Rob Conley.  It's that same mix of Greek mythology and classics, Scandanavian sagas, Earthsea, sword & sorcery, and a hint of the ol' Gygaxian D&D that I had mentioned earlier.  I can't wait to share it with you all!

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