Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inspirational Art

One of my favorite places to do when in need of inspiration is the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  Many people don't realize what a fine collection this museum has, with notable selections from artists from El Greco to Seurat and beyond.  However, my favorite piece in the entire collection isn't on canvas, it's glass.  To be more precise, it's a stained-glass piece from Tiffany that was created in memory of President Benjamin Harrison, entitled Angel of the Resurrection.

When you go into the oval room where the piece is located, you walk into an area of dimmer light. In front of you is the stained glass sculpture, beautifully glowing in the backlighting, resolute and firm in its conviction of the Good Race in this life and the surety of the Hereafter.

Photo by Monroedb under a CC Non-Attribution license.  See here for details.

This beautiful stained glass piece has helped shape many of the churches and temples in my gaming as hallowed places of peace, of quiet, dignified splendor tempered with the humility of mortality. It's also a wonderful place to be alone when I need to recharge from a rough patch of gaming or real life.

Do you have a particular piece of art that truly inspires or refreshes you for your gaming?


bighara said...

"Dogs playing poker" :-)

clash bowley said...

Actually, I was blown away by a stained glass window in St. Vitus' Cathedral in Prague when I was there this summer. It's an art Nouveau piece by Alphonse Mucha:


Zachary Houghton said...

@bighara: I think that's a central one for a lot of us. :)