Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jason Richards Gives You Free Stuff!

My esteemed friend and colleague, the excellent RPG author Jason Richards, has launched his exciting line of Complete Characters, which provide you with a well-written, fleshed-out NPCs to drop right in your campaign, not to mention Tweaks, Twists, and other ways to make the character even more useful! Even better, for the first week of business only, you can download his products for free!  More products should be added either later today and/or tomorrow, so make it count!

Above: Mr. Richards After A Dreadful Accident Involving A Polymorph Spell and Blue Dye.

This definitely isn't some chintzy pdf offering either; Jason does good work, and is willing to put these offerings out there for free to prove it.  Check it out, and bookmark his page for the future!

1 comment:

Jason Richards said...

Polymorph accident victims aren't a joke, sir. ;) Thanks for the plug, and I hope everyone enjoys the free stuff.