Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembering RPG Campaigns In The Military

I was 24 years old, stupid, and homesick as can be. Across the Pacific, my young wife waited, (high-risk) pregnant as a "souvenir" to her visit early on in my remote assignment. I couldn't go to her doctor visits, I couldn't see the ultrasounds; no, I was stuck in Korea, miserable, cold, and hating life.

But I also had a lot of buddies there who were into gaming. They were each just as homesick as I was, away from their families for the holidays, missing out on an entire year of their children's lives. So, to help try to pass the time, we gamed. And gamed. And gamed.

We'd start with Rolemaster on Friday nights, which would stretch into wee Saturday morning. Saturday nights it was time for D&D, which would stretch into Sunday. Sunday afternoons, we'd play Rifts or Palladium Fantasy. We also tried a couple of different games during the week, but those didn't stick.

But as miserable and longing for home as we all were, that remains the best gaming I've ever had. I have fallen out touch with many of those guys, but I will never forget them. Rich, Moose, Z, Shane, Chris, William, Petey, Post, George, and all the others, I hope you're doing well. Thanks for helping get me through it all.

To all our servicemen and women serving past or present, have a memorable, meaningful Veteran's Day, and God Bless. I know it can be an ordeal out there, whether you're in harm's way or just away from your loved ones, but we owe you so much, and honor your sacrifice. Thank you so much.

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Loquacious said...

Thanks for a wonderful nod- and for your service as well.