Friday, November 12, 2010

RPG Auction Update & Fighting Trousers

UPDATE: Sold already! Now we can focus on what's important, like this Victorian Steampunk Hiphop:

As a reminder, if you have a spare buck and have enjoyed the articles and resources that this site provides this year, why not put a coin in the hat via Paypal? It’s much appreciated, and will go a long way towards getting me and the kids through a rocky holiday patch.

Looking at my outgoing bills vs. my income, I’ve realized that it’s going to be hard to keep up with everything and still give my family a decent Christmas this year. To that end, I’m sadly auctioning off my opened-once copy of Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works boxed set. This puppy was going for $200 on Amazon not too long ago, but I have it on ebay starting for half that. I will also do free shipping to anywhere in the USA.


Sean said...

Wow. That sale didn't last long.

Sean said...

Incidentally, that Paypal link isn't working (at least for me).

Joseph said...

Bah-- Professor Elemental is no gentleman (although he will be playing a gig here in New Jersey next May, and I can't very well miss the opportunity). Mr. B will soon give the bounder his comeuppance.

And thanks for clueing me in to the whole chap-hop scene in the first place. Great stuff!

Zachary Houghton said...

Thanks for letting me know, Sean! I'm not sure why--it went through ok for me. Should be the same as the one on the sidebar.

@Joseph: I just found out about it myself. It's really something, to be sure. I'm not quite sure what; but something nonetheless.