Monday, December 27, 2010

What The New Year Will Bring

-As it stands right now, I am not going to Gen Con Indy. My badge isn't an issue, and I can access to block lodging prices, but summer is always tight for us, and I don't know if I can break away for that long. If I go, it might be for just the weekend. It'll be weird if that's the case.

-I think it's very likely we'll be seeing one additional contributor to RPG Blog II in the New Year! I don't want to say anything yet, but it's someone well-respected and active in the blogging/podcasting community.

-I'll be working hard to figure out a way to get my gaming on a more regular schedule. Right now, like a lot of people, the gaming sessions just aren't happening as they should, and I am partly to blame. We'll see if I can't work something out to fix that.

-Next up, we'll be doing some reviews on BASH!, as well as a few more new products. I think you'll like the coverage of this product a lot--I know I've enjoyed going over it!

-Oh, and we're looking forward to a full third season of the RPG Circus Podcast. Cheers!


Swordgleam said...

Sounds cool, aside from the missing-Gencon bit. Happy new year!

clash bowley said...

I was going to advise you should get a teammate to help with the workload, Zachary! Great idea!


Zachary Houghton said...

Thank, guy! Happy New Year to you as well!

John M. Kahane said...

Sorry to hear that you won't be at GenCon this year, Zach. I'll be going for the first time since 2008, and had really hoped to see you there - at the Rogue Games booth, of course! :)

Bonemaster said...

Sadly, I think many of us are in the same boat for GenCon 2011. I think the bad year many of us had in 2010 is catching up with us in 2011. I know for myself, It's not likely to be an option.

I do think that if you can, you should at least go for a day. I know it will be weird but I think it would be weirder for you not to be there at all. Still, I understand why you may just choose to skip it.

Well here's to a good New Year.