Monday, January 10, 2011

Jeff Uurtamo Joins RPG Blog 2!

The big announcement I promised is finally here! It's been hard to keep it under wraps, but today sees Jeff Uurtamo joining the RPG Blog 2 family! You may know Jeff either from his work on the Bone Scroll, as the producer and co-host of our RPG Circus Podcast. He's one of the gamers whose opinion I've come to respect very much over the last couple years.

It can be tough to go at it alone, which is why I can't tell you how happy I am to have Jeff on board. I'll let him give a little bit of a gaming background below. Please join me in giving me him a big RPG Blog 2 welcome!

Greeting and Salutations! My name is Jeff (aka Bonemaster). Many years ago, I sat down and was watching my brother play what I soon find out was Dungeons & Dragons. I asked if I could play and the rest as they say was history. The for the next 25 or so years, I've played a variety of Role-Playing Games. If it was written in the 1990's there is a chance that I've played or at the very least heard about it. Even my short four year tour in the US Navy didn't stop me from playing Role-Playing Games. As a matter of fact, I meet many gamers in the military.

Of course not everything I did is based around gaming. I hold a BA in Computer Information Science, Master's in Geographical Information Science, and is a few credit hours short of a BA degree in Anthropology. I have held a variety of jobs including armed security guard, on-site computer repairman, alarm station monitor, contract archaeologist, network administrator, Linux system administrator, Windows system administrator(although he doesn't like to talk about that),database administrator, and system programmer. I currently employed as database administrator on a non-IT developed project.

A few years ago, I was having a tough time find players or games to play. I decided to start writing a RPG blog. To that end, The Bone Scroll was invented. Blogging was fun, but the thing they don't tell you about blogging is that it can eat a lot of time. I was starting to find that I didn't have to time to write as much as I though I needed to for my blog. Part of that was I had started a podcast, RPG Circus with two other bloggers. I really enjoyed podcasting. It wasn't bettter than blogging but it was different. With the variety of other changes going on, I soon discovered that I did have all the time I needed. I started to look at options as I wanted to continue blogging. To that end, Zach and I decided that it would be great if I joined the RPG Blog 2 staff as a writer. I'm glad to be hear and I look forward writing articles for your amusement and consideration.


Martin Ralya said...

Welcome to RPGB2, Jeff!

Stargazer said...

Yay! I think congratulations are in order!

mortellan said...

Welcome Jeff. Good luck!

DNAphil said...

Congrats on Jeff joining RPG Blog II!

Bonemaster said...

Thanks for the kind words.

clash bowley said...

Welcome to my favorite blog, Jeff!