Saturday, February 19, 2011

Starring: Stars Without Number

It's been a long, cruel winter, but I'm organizing for another game. I've had some nice Shadow, Sword, and Spell online gaming, but nothing quite takes the place of face-to-face play. One of the campaigns I'm working on revolves around Stars Without Number.

I know, I know, I'm late to the bandwagon on this one, but when I read the free pdf, I couldn't believe this game was free. Of course, there's both a softcover and a hardcover version as well, which I'm looking at purchasing as soon as some income frees up.

What's SWN got going for it, when there's already so many other space and sci-fi games I love? Well, it's mechanics should be instantly familiar to anyone who's ever been exposed to classic D and D. The skill system is more akin to Traveller, creating a game that feels very familiar indeed. This is not a game that's difficult to invest in, be it financially or in learning time.

I also love the subsystems for factions and the very easy-to-learn starship combat. Character creation is also simple, but has a surprising amount of depth with the background and training customizations.

I'd say more, but it really is worth your time to at least check Stars Without Number out. I love StarCluster3, Thousand Suns, and so many more space and sci-fi games, but there has to be room for SWN in there, too.


Dylan said...

Agreed! Plus, it's never too late to enjoy a good, free game. I'm often happily surprised by the number of high-quality free games such as SwN, Labryinth Lord, Basic Fantasy, Dungeon Slayers, Microlite, etc, etc. I'm trying to keep track of some of them at

clash bowley said...

Yay! Welcome back Zachary! :D


Hogscape said...

It's just climbed to the top of my list.

Gustavo Hornburg said...

Agreed here as well. I'm a fan of SWN.

Roy said...

Awesome game, it's of the same impartance for me as full tilt that I have been playing for several years

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