Sunday, June 12, 2011

Going To Gen Con Indy!

For a long time, it didn't look like I'd be able to attend Gen Con Indy this year, but it looks like we'll be making an abbreviated two-day stop there this year!

If you're going to be around, I'd love to meet up with some of RPG Blog 2's readers, and possibly catch a game or so. Coverage this year is going to be much less formal this year, which I hope will give it a much more realistic, "attendee" point-of-view.

Anyhow, it's a ways off, so just keep that in mind. I might have some time one night to run a short Rifts demo or something, so if you'd like to try that, let me know!


Bonemaster said...

Good to see that your going. I wish I was able to attend even in a limited way.

Sniderman said...

I'll be there as well.I wonder if there's going to be some kind of unofficial gathering of RPG bloggers?

Bonemaster said...

@Sniderman - There is usually a Media Meet and Greet Friday Night(?). That's sort of the unofficial gathering of RPG Bloggers.

clash bowley said...

Congrats, Zachary! I'm really glad you'll be making it! Will you be liveblogging?


adamturner777 said...

Oh, this reminds me...I should go see the beer store guy and see if he was able to get w00tstout in.
Probably not, though...the Maine liquor board is filled with assholes.
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