Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Thoughts On The Gen Con Exhibitor List

With the Gen Con Indy exhibitor list and floor map now out, I’ve started to review the lay of the land for this year’s Gen Con. Here’s a few quick thoughts and observations on this year’s lineup:

-It sounds like Evil Hat and Indie Press Revolution will be part of the GPA booth. That’s nice to hear, though it doesn’t look like there’s much booth space there. I liked the old Indie Press Explosion style booth—plenty of places to demo, a nice walk-by, open look. We’ll see how this compares.

-Palladium Books is back, and looks to have a decent size booth. With my starting a Rifts game, I imagine I’ll have some players stop over that way. It’s always nice to see any gaming company after a couple of years away from the convention. Happy to see Troll Lord Games, as well.

-I am totally stoked for the Lego booth. The giant bouncy pyramid they for kids last year and the demos of their board, er, block games were both excellent. Let’s hope they do something similar this year.

-I see White Wolf has a small booth towards the back this year. Any chance of their again doing the New Orleans parlor, or is it a possibility they might actually sell books along with attempts at goth chic amongst the shorts and gaming t-shirt-wearing mortals this year?

-Green Ronin appears to be way in the back, too. I believe it was two years ago when their booth was back by the electronics show, in a dimly-lit area. Ostensibly it was to get some traffic due to Dragon Age, but I didn’t like the location. Let’s see if this is any better.

-Booths like Q-Workshop, Miniature Building Authority, and Dwarven Forge should have their own convention hall, because you can easily spend hours just looking at the product at those three booths.

-Fantasy Flight again will be a hub of action, with the largest collection of booths and floor space (along with Mayfair Games) at Gen Con. There was a time when Wizards of the Coast was the hub of the convention floor. That now belongs to Fantasy Flight, doesn’t it?

-Hey Gamescience: Bring Lou Zocchi back! That’s not a request, it’s a demand. Don’t make invest in inferior, poorly-dimensioned dice out of spite. Ah, who are we kidding. You’ve got me over a barrel. Please bring back Colonel Lou?

-Cubicle 7, Pinnacle, and their assorted allies and vassals look to have some really nice floor space, sandwiched towards the front between Fantasy Flight, Mayfair, and Konami. Should be a well-trafficked area.

-Paizo Publishing has a prime spot as well, right in front of one of the main entrances.

-GOLD: The Series, Inkwell Ideas, and Triple Aces Games all in attendance? Why,yes, those are a few of my favorite things!

-The Old School Renaissance Booth. Booth 1541. I cannot wait to see how that goes.

There’s lots more to cover, but for now, suffice it to say I’m happy to see so many old standbys return once again this year. Of course, the New Awesomeness is always waiting to be discovered!


Bonemaster said...

Too bad, I'm not able to go this year. I was sort of interested in seeing the changes in the vendor space. After all, they Convention Center just finished all those renovations. And, This is much different layout then the prior two years. I'm not sure I even know where they moved things.

Zachary Houghton said...

There's actually a video on YouTube where they show where the convention hall will be. It's really just a hallway apart from where they were, but it does look larger.

Jeffry Hoffman said...

Colonel Lou demand seconded!

It's amazing how many different times Gen Con is able to get me stoked throughout the year. I'm sure that once again I'll spend hours plotting the perfect course through the exhibit hall only to be thrown off track by the first shiny thing.

Chief cook & bottle washer said...

Just got back from Origins and had several nice visits with Lou Zocchi at the Gamescience booth. Lou has plans to be at the Gamescience booth for the next 5 years - at Origins. Says he has no interest in being at GenCon. so if you want to see Lou and purchase some of his products you will need to come to Origins.

evanward007 said...

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