Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Week Until Gameday

First off, I wanted to just say how much I've enjoy the Palladium/Rifts Q&A from the other day. It's certainly not  closed yet, and I'm happy to answer any additional questions you might have out there.

At this time next week, I'll be setting up for our first marathon session of our new Rifts campaign, to include character creation. I've got maps to finish (I will share when they're done), some folders to put together, and some beginner's dice sets to make for our novices (of course eventually, if they get to the point they want to keep gaming, they need to pick out their own dice; yes, that's part of the Great Gamer's Journey).

I think it's going to feel good to be back in the saddle. It's been a long time since I had a mix of gaming vets and novices as I'll have in this group, and that should definitely keep me on my toes. One thing I'll say about Rifts, it definitely demands a GM stay focused on the task at hand!

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