Thursday, July 7, 2011

About Yesterday's Mess...

It’s easy to get discouraged or upset when you’re a blogger. At some point, this stuff can become personal, just like we tend to make routinely make other things in this hobby perhaps more personal than they should be. But in blogging, sort of like in publishing a RPG supplement, you’re putting some of yourself out there, and that’s exactly why we do take it personally at times.

When I see something like the deal with Destination Unknown yesterday, it reminds me of the times in the past I’ve poured the lighter fluid on some internet nastiness. I’m not proud of it, and you wonder how often the result ends up being someone who just says “to hell with the whole mess”, and walks away. I mean, I don’t mind the little digs and snark here and there—Lord knows I supply enough of my own, but I think we go too far too often.

I'm happy Christian's decided not to walk away. But others probably have.

OK, enough hand-wringing. Let's just agree to generally Be Excellent To Each Other and move on, yeah?


Gleichman said...

I think I missed something...'s the Internet, chances are excellent that I shouldn't care.

Zachary Houghton said...

@Gleichman: Yeah. The usual.

Tim Shorts said...

Screw Christian. I can't believe everyone is making a big deal about all this crap. :P

Seriously, glad to have him back. I am still figuring out a way to get to CA so he can cook me some of that killer food and roll some dice.