Monday, July 11, 2011

The Gen Con Shopping List: Accessories

I’m trying to put together my shopping list for this year’s Gen Con Indy. I have a book I know I want to grab at Palladium’s booth, a couple things I’m hoping they have at the Troll Lord Games booth, and there’s also the inevitable, joyful stop at the Gamescience booth. I’m also curious to see how the OSR booth shakes out.

Even with my (always) limited budget, there are a few things I’m on the lookout for. I’d like some tokens or minis I don’t have paint or print out, for example, that are relatively cheap to pick up. I really like my Disposable Heroes (though I need more bases), but I’m always on the lookout for something else.

There’s also Hirst Arts and Alea Tools. As always, I’ll look at Hirst’s plaster molds and dream about what I could build with them, but will inevitably not buy them, citing it as a) too much work, b) too expensive, or c) both. I know I need to grab some more of Alea’s insanely useful magnetic stackable markers, which are useful for pretty much anything and everything.

What about it? Anything you expect to see at Gen Con I should watch? I’m pretty much set on gaming supplements except for what I mentioned above; what I’m all about this year is gaming accessories.


JoeGKushner said...

Wyrd miniatures, for Malifaux has a whole slew of stuff coming out for Gen Con for their miniatures game. I'm sure there are a ton of other things out there. Probably some stuff like the old Den of Evil from Dwarven Forge?

grodog said...

If you're looking for graph or hex paper, Black Blade will have some at the OSRG booth.


Sniderman said...
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Sniderman said...

I'm super-excited about Part Time Gods by Third Eye Games. It's out in PDF, but the print release will be at Gencon.

Deuce said...

Well.. at Games Workshop's Games Day (which is the weekend before BTW) there is a huge rumor floating around that they will have a big release. I would have to imagine that you will see that release at GenCon.

As a side note, the cast of our RPG Podcast will be handing out a snazzy free gift! If you see us there, be sure to grab one!