Saturday, July 16, 2011

RuneQuest VI Is A Go!

From The Rune Under Water, one of my favorite gaming blogs, here's a bit of exciting Saturday news:

We are delighted to announce our agreement with Issaries Inc, allowing The Design Mechanism to produce a new edition of RuneQuest and supporting supplements. You can read the full Press Release by clicking on the link to the right.
The way all this will work is as follows:
  • The Design Mechanism will be producing the sixth published edition of RQ for an early 2012 release.
  • We will be publishing the core rules and all future supplements in partnership with Moon Design. This allows us to call upon their resources for a wide range of things that would be too costly for us to develop singly.
  • Working with Moon we also have access to Glorantha, meaning that RuneQuest material for both Second and Third Age Glorantha will be not just possible, but a reality.
Work on the 6th edition of the rules has begun but the hard work will be between September and December as we prepare for the release. More information on the actual release date will be given nearer the time.

It sounds like 3rd Age Glorantha will be supported once more, which is great news for fans of that setting. Additionally, I like that it sounds as if there will be a mechanism in place for third-party RQVI products. What will be interesting is to see how compatible Mongoose's RQII/Legend system will be with this new endeavor.

Check out links here and here for more. Honestly, what a crazy few years it's been for RuneQuest! There's more iterations, interest, and support out there now than there's been in some time, it seems.


Bonemaster said...

I still have my Avalon Hill version of the game. At least in the AH version, I liked the whole pre-middle age fantasy concept.

Jeff said...

For some reason, I find myself returning to the 2nd Edition version of Runequest. The lore, humor, and nostalgia seems to interest me more in that iteration of RQ