Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gen Con Indy: Day 1

Mid-afternoon: Greetings from the Gen Con Floor! The vendors I've spoken to thus far have said it's been a brisk business, with customers happy to part with their fundage. There's really no big hit, although Margaret Weis has a big announcement coming tomorrow at 1 concerning a "big" license. Honestly, there's just no "big buzz" game or product, but that doesn't mean there's not lots of awesomeness.

Paizo had a line to just get in their booth once more, with Ultimate Combat selling well. There was an early rush for Luke Crane's Burning Wheel Gold, though as I write this there are copies remaining (no idea how many they brought).

The biggest booths of the convention have to belong to Fantasy Flight and Mayfair, each of which are really jumping already! Privateer has a smaller presence, but is flooded as always.

The convention hall has moved to a bit roomier of a setup this year, and the hallways don't seem nearly so congested. However, the registration line for those who didn't order their badges ahead of time is as long as ever.

Green Ronin's booth is in the back of the hall by the entertainers. What a crappy location, listening to Luke Ski do parody songs all day. If there's a hell, Green Ronin purchased booth space.

White Wolf is also in the back of the hall, too, but at least they have actual books on sale, unlike last year.

Oh, by request I asked a WotC rep is there was any progress on bringing back their back pdf catalog. After a pause, he very politely asked, "Are you talking about DDI?".

We will never see those pdfs again, guys.

OK, time for pics:

Gamescience: So awesome they glow.

Gamescience is also now doing "green" recycled dice!

Some nice terrain by Itar's Workshop. Check 'em out.
One thing people don't mention about Gen Con is new book smell.
Probably because it has to compete with Game Funk.

Early copies of Adventurer Conqueror King at the OSR Booth.
The opium den of Gen Con.
The expanded/revised Rifts Vampire Kingdoms has advance copies here.


OlmanFeelyus said...

Are those green dice actually made from recycled materials? Does it specify the percentage and post or pre-consumer?

How was activity at the OSR booth?

Thanks as usual for doing this, Zach. Also, I applaud your pride for your hometown.

Johnathan Bingham said...

Gah, I'm stuck in Boston but I'll be there tomorrow! Thanks for the updates!!

Aaron E. Steele said...

Itar and ACK look appealing

Zachary said...

No problem!

As for the Gamescience dice, I believe they 100% recycled material, but am not sure beyond that.

Working on one more update, but the Internet isn't cooperating.

mortellan said...

Good stuff, dude! Keep em coming! Wish I were there this year, I'd say hi.

killervp said...

Thanks for doing this!!! Those of us that cannot come truly appreciate living vicariously through you!

Zachary Houghton said...

No worries, guys!

Chris McNeil a.k.a Gwarh said...

So is ACKS acctually finished and for sale now?!?

In other words are those Dead Tree copies of ACKS at the OSR booth a printer version of the Beta? Or is it the final release version of the Game?

muleabides said...

Great roundup!

We expect the final version of Adventurer Conqueror King will be available in about three months, during which we'll be doing more playtesting and development (both internal and with our backers) and illustration. The versions we had at the OSR booth (where things were hopping - Joe and Suzi said they were planning to shake out the cashbox over their hotel bed and roll around in it like a rap video) were pre-prints of the beta; in my biased opinion they looked as professional as could be, except for the lack of art - which Johnathan is going to help us with, hooray!
- Tavis