Friday, August 5, 2011

Gen Con Indy: Day 2, Part 2

Again, I had limited internet opportunities today, so this report is coming in late.

Coming in this morning, we of course saw gamers sleeping in the various hallways connected to the Convention Center. Some just slept an hour or so after a whole night of gaming, some are "living off the land" during the convention. It's sort of admirable and adventurous, in it's own way, but it doesn't do much for the hygiene levels on Days 2-4.

The big announcement today was Margaret Weis landing the Marvel RPG license. The booth personnel were all smiles after the early afternoon announcement, and they plastered Marvel stuff everywhere. They couldn't have been prouder. Honestly, that's been the biggest news to come out of the convention so far.

The new convention hall is a dream--more room to maneuver, to visit a booth without feeling like my butt is hanging out in the aisle, etc. Everyone's giving it great reviews.

Vendors are still optimistic overall; there's more of a positive feeling overall, I think. I can't put my finger on why, but it just seems like perhaps it's a byproduct of having multiple companies really having their stuff together right now.

OK, here's some pics and commentary:

First off, by request, a cornucopia of Chessex dice!
The Lego Heroica games are like a Lego Dungeon Crawl. So many guys
my age were there, checking it out and just as impressed/excited as the
little kids were. What an awesome product!
This kid's Jawa costume rocked, pure and simple.
The Pathfinder Society gaming area appears to have doubled over
last year. There seems to be little doubt, no matter who you talk to
here, that Paizo is ascendant.
The Maps of Mastery line at the Game Mechanics booth is really impressive
in person. Talk about professional quality!
We got a pic of the Beholder statue lording it over the RPGA room.
Then we Shifted One Square and got the hell out of there.
DriveThruRPG is showcasing their print-on-demand skills with the 2-volume
edition of Monte Cook's Ptolus. It looks great, as did the rest of their POD items.
This Angry Birds game was sold out by the time I saw it. Fun stuff!
Obi-Wan in the background there was sort of the odd man out when it
came to photo ops. I sorta felt bad for him. The Sandtrooper, though, was
tearing it up.
It is really nice to have the folks behind GOLD: The Series with a booth there.
They has a number of production shots decorating the place, and are
always great to chat with. 

Tomorrow, I'll be attending with my daughter, so we'll be sure to get her keen insights as well!


Stuart said...

Isn't he a little short for a Stormtrooper?


Benoist said...

God. That Ptolus POD edition is something really, really nice for the fans who didn't get it the first time around (not me, I have actually two volumes of the first run). Malhavoc rocks.

OlmanFeelyus said...

According to WotC, that Ptolus book doesn't exist.

(sorry, couldn't help it.)

The jawa kid was pretty cute but that little Dalek girl wins GenCon.

Anonymous said...

Loving the coverage Zack, any chance of pix of the Kenzer booth?

Olman, I have to ask, Dalek girl?

Damien Titchener said...

Hi Zack, thanks for the awesome coverage.

I was wondering how is the Palladium Booth doing? I hoping that its kicking butt.

I was also wondering is there a big D&D presence, I'm just going from what I've seen and it looks kinda scaled down from previous years.

Thanks again :)

devin curtis said...

What little dalek girl! I most know!

Rob Conley said...

Thanks for the dice picture, Kelly Anne say thanks.

killervp said...

I also am hoping to hear news of the Palladium booth, Kenzer, and Obsidian Portal....
Thanks again... everyone else seems to be waiting to get home to post, so those of us at home really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Here's a picture of the Dalek girl

Anonymous said...

try darkswords the best game ever