Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gen Con Indy: Day 3

I brought my wife and daughter along to Gen Con today. My wife picked up some Carcassonne expansions, and of course we had to stop by Out of the Box to demo some of their great games.

Ran into an old friend from high school today! He's a Gen Con noob, but you could see he was really wowed by how awesome it was. It's one of those things that pales unless you see it in comparison.

I picked up my copy of the Castle & Crusades Castle Keepers' Guide, and I bought some dice, including some "reaction roll" dice right from Rick Loomis at Flying Buffalo.

There's a bit of noise about Wizards of the Coast potentially releasing old editions of D&D once again. Personally, a) I have zero faith in the company to not mess it up, and b) I already have my ideal game of D&D, and it's not going through their filter.

Enough with that. I've been harsh on WotC this year, and that's not what this is about (at least not completely). Here's some pics and commentary:

Mongoose did have copies of Stars Without Number! Here's a random
interior shot. 
The Stars Without Number cover art.
Rick Loomis at the Flying Buffalo Booth, presiding over
an inventory of Tunnels and Trolls, Nuclear War, and
a few odd dice. Always great to see them!
Some new Gamescience dice! The white ones glow in the dark, and are a d20,
d5, qnd d24. The orange and green dice sort of have a cool neon glow of
their own.
I wanted to shake Ash's hand afterwards, but, you know...
The Chaosium booth was loaded with books. Cthulhu remains a popular
icon at the convention overall. Sorry to whomever's butt that is there, but I
only have this one shot.
Kenzer had a nice display up for their Hacklopedia of Beats. The production
values and usability look to be off the charts.
That's it for the moment; more to come soon!


kelvingreen said...
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kelvingreen said...

I've only been following GenCon through your blog, so can you elaborate on the Wizards "noise"? I know that going into the convention, the re-release of older editions was one of the rumours about their so-called big announcement -- I don't think anyone was expecting it to be the announcement of a product they'd already announced a year a go -- but has that now been confirmed as a possibility? Are they now officially looking into jumping onto the OSR bandwagon?

Zachary Houghton said...

No idea. At this point, it's just one of many bullet points in a presentation. Who knows if anything will come of it?

kelvingreen said...

But Wizards have put it on the table?

Zachary Houghton said...

The possibility? Apparently, yes.

killervp said...

Thanks for the Kenzer update!!

MJ Harnish said...

Having listened to the seminar, there was nothing new in their statements - they kept alluding to "working on it" which is the same thing they've been saying all along. The only firmer details provided was the possibility of providing access to 3rd ed Eberron books, electronically, for a yearly subscription fee - the logic of this baffles me since it's not exactly hard to find stuff and you can buy it really cheap on Ebay so why would anyone pay for temporary access to it? They clearly have no real strategy.

Manata said...

Awesome to see you guys again! We shouldn't wait so long between meet-ups!

Meg said...

My butt.