Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome To Gen Con Indy!

Just a quick update—I’m off work and ready to head to Gen Con early in the morning! We’ll be leaving from Noblesville (NE Indy ‘burbs) at 0600. I’ll be stopping by the press room to pick up my credentials, then hitting up breakfast before the hall opens.

I actually saw a gamer-related bumper sticker on a car this morning while heading into work. It’s really cool to see the influx of gamers into my hometown this week. Which brings me to my welcome message...

If you’re in town for the convention and reading this, welcome! Indianapolis loves having you in town (although some folks still don’t understand what we exactly do for these four days), and I hope you find your stay pleasant. Sorry about the heat, but I hope you get the chance to explore a bit further afield. We have an amazing AAA ballpark right across from the convention center (with home games each day of the convention!), great museums, the World’s Greatest Racecourse, plenty of nearby dining and shopping, friendly locals, and a keen interest in improving our city year after year. Maybe it’s a little corny to love my hometown, but I make no apologies. Gen Con is a big deal for the merchants and vendors downtown, and they appreciate you deciding to spend your time here.

If you weren’t able to make it this year, well, we’d certainly love to have you make it sometime soon. Consider yourself here in spirit.

Keep in mind I’m not doing a continually-updated liveblog like last year; instead, I’ll be doing 1-2 big updates per day. I should have my camera (or at least my cell phone camera), so, as always, if there’s any coverage requests, let me know and I’ll do my best. I also have a couple of interviews lined up I think you guys will find interesting.

In any case, whether you’re waiting for the big day tomorrow in Indy or following along remotely from anywhere else in the world, welcome to Gen Con. Get ready for the madness!

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