Saturday, November 17, 2012

Palladium Fantasy 1e: Quick Thoughts & A Character Sheet

I've recently been revisiting the Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st edition, which has been an absolute blast. For the uninitiated, PFRPG 1e was one of the first games Palladium made, and existed before the later "Megaversal" rules adjustment that 2nd edition introduced. In short, many feel it is a game with a little less baggage, one that's a bit simpler, cleaner, and does some neat things in terms of things such as viable humanoid character races, interesting takes on combat, and of course some of the early diverse magic options that made Palladium Fantasy so interesting. It's also a much deadlier, more lethal game than its eventual successor. 

The great thing is it's still pretty easy to either find a nice copy online via Amazon or another retailer, and RPGNow also has all the books for the line. With that in mind, over at theRPGsite, there's been a thread that's reading through the PFRPG 1st edition book, and it's been a lot of fun to really go over the content and philosophy of the game.

In any case, there's a lack of solid character sheet options for the game out there, so I created a basic one-page character sheet for those interested. You can download the Palladium Fantasy 1e character sheet here.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks for that. The character sheets for Palladium are all but deal breakers for me. A suite of artful sheets for their entire game line would be a pleasant little Kickstarter.

Zachary Houghton said...

I wish I had the artistic capability to do such a thing! I'd do it for free, but sadly, my design capabilities are not what you would call brilliant. :)

I am thinking about doing a more "old school" type of sheet, sort of an AD&D throwback for it, but again, not my strong suite!

In any case, I hope someone gets some use out of it.