Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Event Update

If you haven't been checking out the Advent Event over at theRPGsite, don't worry; we have plenty more deals coming--one for each approximate 24-hour day between now and December 24. We have some amazing publishers lined up, and hope to have a few more to round out the field soon.

It struck me while I was working on this offering over the weekend just how the landscape of sales and offers from gaming companies has changed in the last few years. Being able to work with publishers to get something like this done is a great reminder and illustration of how this hobby continues to grow more accessible and personal in a lot of ways. You can look to many things for that feeling--from social media, to Kickstarter projects, but I think that increased level of accessibility just continues to grow, because that's what's expected.

In any case, be sure not to miss the unique gaming deals each and every day over at theRPGsite between now and Christmas!

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