Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good News All Around: Novus, Colonial Gothic

I’ve been helping run the Advent Event over at theRPGsite all month, and it’s been fun to see the daily deals that come in. Awesome companies like Precis Intermedia, Rogue Games, Flying Mice, and Inkwell Ideas are only a few of those that have stepped up to be a part of the fun, and there are plenty more to come by December 24.

I’m going to mention today’s offer specifically because I reviewed it just this past Monday. Firehawk Games is offering both the Softcover and Deluxe PDF of their Novus Roleplaying Game for only $12.00 through RPGNow. Total. That’s one awesome deal, and if you liked what you read in Monday’s review, a great chance to pick this game up. Just click here to find out the discount code.

(Edit: Sounds as if the discount code issues have been fixed!)

Remember, though: this offer expires at midnight (EDT), though I believe Mr. Tim Dugger of Firehawk Games has some special for the next few days aside from this. So if you miss on this one, still check it out—you might still find yourself a good deal.


There was also some good news yesterday from the aforementioned Rogue Games. Their 2nd Edition of Colonial Gothic, restructured, reformatted, clarified, but still compatible with the source material that's come before, is ready for release. If you're a history or horror gaming buff, Colonial Gothic is well worth checking out. The pdf is available now, with hardcover pre-orders shipping in two weeks.

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