Monday, January 14, 2013

Mini Solutions: Disposable Heroes

Preparations for my Savage Worlds 1867 game (see the player handout here) have continued nicely, but one thing I was dealing with was finding the right minis for my game. Fantasy is no problem, but when you're doing an alt-history Civil War-era game that features low-powered supers, Union soldiers, and British/French invaders, you just might have a problem on your hands. Since I'm beginning to see just how handy it is to have minis to run SavWo, I wanted to make sure I had this locked down.

Now, I was able to buy a few plastic Civil War toy soldiers to get things started, but that's not all I need. Still, it was fun...ahem...checking them out, you know, just to make sure everything worked properly:

History regards the Battle of the Dining Table a minor, but important skirmish in American history.

So, this wasn't going to be enough. Here's the great thing: Precis Intermedia's Disposable Heroes line had literally everything I needed for my minis.

Civil War American soldiers? Check.

British and French troops? Check.

Various 19th century townsfolk, civilians, and the like? Check.

This isn't the first time I've mentioned Precis Intermedia line of paper minis, but I was struck by just how handy they were. They offer something for underserved and obscure gaming genres, and am I ever grateful they did. The minis printed out beautifully on a simple inkjet printer with regular cardstock. Here's a quick sampling of some of what I printed out:

If I didn't have a printer, Precis Intermedia does offer them preprinted from their website. I do, however, like being able to print what I need, and get large numbers of troops for melee scenes. For less than $15, I was able to get hundreds of minis that suit my game just perfectly. (Even though the British and French soldiers are from the Napoleonic era, they're close enough to work).

So, my Savage Worlds campaign is scheduled for kickoff on this upcoming Sunday. I'm still working on some final touches, but it's nice to know because of Disposable Heroes, at least one aspect of my campaign is all set.

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Attilla13 said...

You could also use Perry Miniatures Civil War - they quite a fe to a box, and they can be made into union or confederate. Foundry also has a lot of civilian models. But the Perry minis are plastic and fairly inexpensive. They are distributed by Alliance, so just about any game store can order them in. (I know the ones you have are probably cheaper still, but I'm heavy into minis)