Thursday, January 31, 2013

The RPG Month That Was: January In Review

Well, I certainly didn't expect my New Year to start off with a gaming bang, but that's precisely what happened. Here are a few of the highlights and happenings from January:

-I finally started my 1867 campaign setting (pdf link here), a mix of American Civil War-era alt-history and low-powered superheroes. Sound crazy? It is, but it's also an absolute blast so far. I've been using Savage Worlds, which seems to be handling it very well. The SavWo fan community out there has been frankly awesome in terms of useful advice and tips.

-Our Pathfinder game went on hiatus. This game had marked the first time I had been a full-time player in several years. I'm now back behind the screen for 1867, but I was happy to have the break. I wouldn't be wild about GMing Pathfinder these days, but I'll happily play it anytime.

-Wizards of the Coast came to their senses and released their pdfs for sale online once more!

-I printed and cut out roughly 250 Disposable Heroes for my 1867 campaign. Miraculously, this didn't result in carpal tunnel syndrome. I need to have a cut-out party with my gaming group next time!

-I ran and reviewed BareBones Fantasy, which has been rocking my socks off to no end.

-I discovered a stash of Knights of the Dinner Table back issues, and have been happily reliving some of the greatest (mis)adventures of Muncie's finest gamers.

-My daughter remembered to check for traps before opening a dungeon door for the first time ever.

-My gaming group agreed they still wanted to play on Super Bowl Sunday, which might be the best vote of confidence I have ever received as a Game Master. Of course, I deeply suspect it has something to do with my wife's wassail and buffalo chicken dip...

That's a pretty great month of gaming action and interest. If February can keep pace, I'll feel very lucky indeed.

How was your January in terms of RPG news, play, and excitement?


Richard Hale said...

LOL I still remember my first trap discovery, and one of my highlights I still recall today when I describe RPG games when I told the GM - 'I listen to the door' - GM 'The door does't say anything' :)

Sean Phelan said...

My January was solid for gaming. I was out of gaming for an eternity and in January I was a player in my first session since joining a Call of Cthulhu campaign in progress - good time.

Then over President's Day Weekend I attended the gaming conference DunDraCon; my first gaming conference since high school. Wow, what a blast.