Monday, February 4, 2013

Not A Bad Second Session...

This weekend marked the latest installment of my Savage Worlds 1867 campaign, that odd mashup about the end of the American Civil War, low-powered superheroes, and alternate history. Now, I'm really essentially a novice at Savage Worlds, as are almost all of my players. So I was a little alarmed when I found out I was going to have 2 new players that had done little tabletop gaming before to replace two regular members of my gaming circle.

I shouldn't have been so worried. Despite the late notice, our new players jumped right in and performed admirably, despite the odd campaign hook. We ended up with the female of the group playing a former double spy (earth elementalism), and our other new member played a somewhat elderly surgeon (healing power). Both had their big moments in battle, and the game ran quite nicely. Other other player, a regular who missed the last session, is playing a former Confederate Cherokee sharpshooter (kinetic energy infusion), and had probably the biggest blast of the game, thanks to some teamwork. That's one thing I really enjoy about Savage Worlds--it pays immensely to be a good teammate and work together to kick butt. There's nothing wrong with lone wolf characters, but cooperation can sometimes be pretty rare in gaming groups. Fortunately, we don't have that issue--presently, anyhow.

No, it wasn't perfect. But by the end of the game, the rules were clicking, and I think we all had fun.

Aside from that, in non-SavWo news, I spent a bit working on some submissions for DwD Studios' next issue of Decahedron Magazine. We'll see what passes muster, but it's nice to get in the swing of making stuff for gaming again.


Bonemaster said...

Well glad your group (and yourself) are having fun with the SW rules. Yes, teamwork really plays off in SW.

David Larkins said...

How are you finding the combats? I'd read that they can be pretty "swingy" and a recent experience confirmed this:

I was running a two-player fantasy genre campaign (a rogue-type and a mad scientist, so granted they weren't combat monsters). In the first combat against four zombies, the mad scientist's "magic missile launcher" took out three in one shot, but it then took about 15 rounds to finish off the last one. The second zombie fight was easily the most excrutiating combat I've experienced in recent memory--I believe it took 28 rounds to kill three zombies. That pretty much killed interest in the campaign for all of us right there.

Out of curiosity, we ran through the "boss fight"--an evil priest who was going to summon a giant undead spider. The first combat, the rogue one-shotted the priest on round one (before he could summon the spider) and it was all over! We did another refight and this time the priest was able to summon his spider and the PCs went down to defeat in 11 rounds.

All in all, that's two "average length" combats (one victory, one defeat), one excrutiatingly long combat, and one ridiculously short combat. Granted, it was a small party and not one optimized for combat, but the extreme nature of the swingyness in both directions bothered us greatly.

I really love the SW system and what you can do with it (did I mention the rocket-launching mad scientist was a talking rat?), but if such swingy combats are a regular occurance, that might be a deal-breaker for me. :-/

Zachary Houghton said...

I've only had two combats, and both were in the learning curve sort of vein, so I don't want to say anything. For one, I didn't get the Toughness of the opposing Wild Card just right again, and an insanely great roll by one of the players finished him off. I can see where it has the potential to be swingy, but so far, we're doing ok. I'll know more in 1-2 sessions, if that makes sense.

Nitehood said...

We too have been doing SW for the last few weeks. I have noticed the combat as David describes. Sometimes the 6 of us mow through 30-50 bad guys, and other times we have used all our Bennies and still die.

This last session we had one bad guy at our basic level of character and he killed all but one of us, and the only reason the one,"almost dead ans -3 to everything" PC got a break when the GM rolled snake-eyes.

I am not a fan of this system for this and other reasons.