Monday, March 25, 2013

Sorry, I'm Going To Pass On Your $10K Pre-Order

Anyone really like the Morrow Project?



John Adams said...

That is what folks usually do when they need to test new product layout on

But I could be wrong in this case.

Derek said...

It was a lot of fun back in the day. Not that much fun though.

I remember enjoying the setting, but not much about the rules. My copies were the box that went missing while I was off at college. Some of the other things have been replaced, they were hard to track down.

Not sure if I would or not today, since I'm not sure if it was the setting, or the GM that made it so much fun.

Tim Shorts said...

Come on Zach, you don't have 10k to plop down? I got three of them.

jcfiala said...

It's so that those of us who backed the kickstarter can get our copies via drivethrurpg, but those of you who didn't won't buy it too early.

Zachary Houghton said...

Yeah, I'm just a little short this month...

@jcfiala: Interesting! I thought RPGNow was done doing Kickstarter stuff of that sort. Maybe in before the cutoff?

rjbs said...

I saw RPGNow tweet the new product when it arrived and made a noise at them about it. They replied, "Well, sellers set the price, not us!" It made me think that maybe they should refrain from tweeting new products over… I dunno, $1000.

Somebody let me know when it's 99.9% off, I'd be interested.

Gleichman said...

I've long enjoyed some of the concept such as frozen teams riding out the end of the world waking up much too late and trying to set things right. And for the time it was made, it had really nice gear lists and vehicle layouts.

But I but never enjoyed their specific setting or their rules.

My worry here is that the 4th edition has been vaporware for a long time, and after all this time to see it appear on kickstarter doesn't make me think it's any more likely to be published now than it has been before.

Plus I don't really see a good description of what they are selling.

Is it the same game system (it wasn't very good back then, and time alone wouldn't improve it)?

Is it still set in the 80s (i.e. are the vehicles and gear going to be from that era)?

Are we still talking about a US vs. Soviet war kicking the setting off (boring)?

What does one get with all that extra page count?

Unless I see answers to those question, there's no way I'm going to back this kickstarter.