Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gen Con Indy: Day 4

Good morning! I have a few more Gen Con Indy pics to do before wrapping things up. For starters, by request, here's the Pelgrane Press booth, which really had their 13th Age RPG front-and-center:

Last call today, as the exhibit hall closes early this afternoon, so I will be back with more in a bit!

Afternoon update: The last day is always a little bit muted; although there is still a full slate of games and folks are getting those last-minute purchases in. I've never liked that; I like to grab what I know I want and avoid any chance it won't be there when I come back.

As I mentioned a couple of days back, the scope and size of Gen Con has continued to explode. I wish I could give you a good sense of just how big it has grown. Here's a pic I took from the side entrance, in the 100 row. You can see the banners above fade in the distance, and you can't even see the other end. The exhibit hall expands well beyond this shot:

Order of the Stick Minis were available. I don't know that I'd ever use them for anything, but still neat to see:

Here's another image of a very busy Palladium booth. They take a lot of crap online, but that doesn't seem to matter or even register with their very loyal fans:

I thought this was neat:

One more of the OSR booth. I would really like to see them have a good demo area in they hall if they return next year.

I'm working on retrieving a few more pics, but either way, I'll be back with a review of this year's Gen Con experience tomorrow.

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Joe Kushner said...

Good call on the Palladium booth. I thought the same thing. You see sometimes and then you see the 'reality' of it and you're like, "Internet, you don't know shit."