Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ready For CharGen and the Campaign

We have our character creation session for our Middle Isles campaign tomorrow, and we're going to be using a system that's new for all of us (RuneQuest 6). For games with character creation beyond that of something like Rules Cyclopedia D&D or Swords & Wizardry, I've always been a fan of doing a dedicated  group character generation session. This allows for a nice campaign kickoff, ensures everyone is essentially on the same page for creating characters, and helps ensure we're all getting into the feel and tone of the campaign together.

My gaming table is set. Here's a quick glance at how it looks, awaiting only the players to arrive:

Among the items we'll be using, and going clockwise, you can see memo pads for notes and scribbles, character folders (containing sheets, maps, equipment lists, and other chargen references), bags for in-game money, scratch notebook paper, mechanical pencils, a RQ 6 table reference copy, printouts of Careers and Magic sections to make chargen move quicker, and finally blank paper and markers for name tags.

You may note I mentioned bags for in-game money. These would be for the Campaign Coins we'll be using for currency in the Middle Isles (when bartering doesn't cut it). The bags will each have a player's name on them, and will hold their silver and gold as it is accrued. The bags do not leave the premises, but will be waiting here each week for the players. I found a small wooden chest on sale at Hobby Lobby last week, which is perfect for housing our treasury:

Hobby Lobby is amazing for gamers, whether you need props, are working on a model or craft, or need fitting containers for your campaign. They also regularly run coupons for 30%-50% off a single item or type of item, so they're worth checking out.

Additionally, each game session, one player, by merit of their roleplaying or other awesome actions, will be voted MVP. This is something I'm bringing back that I did not do in my last game. That week's MVP will either get to choose from the dice bin, or select a scroll. The scrolls range from a one-time skill bonus, to an extra d30 roll, and rarely and dangerously, no bonus at all (Explosive Runes, don't you know). So whether they want a nice new d30 or d5 for their collection (or some other, more mundance dice), or want to gamble on an in-game bonus, they have their pick:

The scrolls were very easy to make; trust me, I'm not artsy. I simply used some nice stationery, wrote what the boon was in my best (read: not so great) cursive, and used a bit of sealing wax for a "GM seal" by the signature. I then used a dab of superglue to secure the red ribbon to itself. I think they'll be a nice addition and change from the bonus cards I used to print off in the past.

We'll see how tomorrow goes, but I'm ready as I'm going to get, from this side of the screen.


David Larkins said...

Geez, way to make all the rest of us GMs look bad. ;)

That's a beautiful setup--hope everything goes well! It's quite inspiring. I'm taking notes for when I'm getting ready to kick off Horror on the Orient Express next year.

Zachary Houghton said...

Thanks! I do hope it goes well. I've definitely learned the importance of being prepared!

Sunwolfe said...

Soooo, how'd it go?

Zachary Houghton said...

Really well, I think! Post upcoming.