Monday, July 28, 2014

The GM's Binder Table of Contents

This past weekend, I finally finished (for the moment) compiling and organizing my GM's binder. I had printouts dating back a decade in some cases, but more often I had pdf printouts or maps that were in folders that I wanted to finally bring together in one, central location. Sometime late Saturday, after a few hours of organizing, scrounging up every last page protector in the house, and printing off a few last items I realized had gone missing, I had my GM's Binder how I wanted it:

Yes, it's a lot of pages--274, to be exact, and it'll probably grow/shrink a bit as I add/subtract stuff that comes along. A few folks on Google Plus asked if I'd mind sharing the Table of Contents. It wouldn't mind at all, but it's a pretty long list of pdf printouts, excerpts, scan-ins, and photocopies. In some cases, I no longer even have the original book, which make some of these pages of great value personally:

Zack's GM's Binder Table of Contents

Cover Page

Character Creation/Getting Started
-Castles & Crusades Character Creation Guide (Homebrew)
-Forgotten Realms Random Class/Race Table (Homebrew)
-Forgotten Realms Approved Deity List (Homebrew)
-C&C Character Sheet Examples
-Additional Starting Item Table (Homebrew)
-Standard Adventuring Charter (Homebrew)
-Homebrew C&C Classes
-SIEGE Engine Notes (Homebrew)

Charts and Tables
-Character Background Pages & Tables (Epic Role Playing)
-Random Physical Features (Colin Chapman)
-Background Occupations (Adamant Entertainment)
-Exchange Rates/Gem Types (Judges Guild)
-100 Treasure Chest Stuffers (Top Fashion Games)
-100 Marketplace Goods (Top Fashion Games)
-Libraries (Dragon Magazine #37)
-Hireling Traits/Generation (somewhere online)
-Drunken Debauchery (Colin Chapman)
-Random Dog Table (Swordfish Islands)
-Ship Names (Jon Brazer Enterprises)
-Adventure Generators (New Big Dragon Games)
-Quick Treasure Hoard Generation (New Big Dragon Games)
-Gems and Jewelry (New Big Dragon Games)
-Gems and Valuables (Hackmaster 4e)
-Magic Item Reference Sheet (Zenopus)
-Mundane Items Table (somewhere online)
-100 Whispered Insults About The Adventurers (Top Fashion Games)
-Treasure Map Destinations (Jeff Rients/Miscellaneum of Cinder)

Monsters & Encounters
-Random Encounter Charts for C&C (Homebrew)
-Excerpts from Appendix C: Monster Encounters (AD&D 1e)
-Monster Mutations (Jeff Rients/Miscellaneum of Cinder)
-Forgotten Realms Regional/Location Encounter Tables (Based on the lists from Realms 3e)
-One Hit Point Monsters (Zenopus)
-Orc Encounters (Troll Lord Games)
-100 Exciting 1st Level Encounters (James Mishler)

Equipment & Arms
-Magic Items, I-VI (New Big Dragon Games)
-Miscellaneous Treasures (Kellri's CDD #4)
-Additional Items (Homebrew)

Forgotten Realms (Note: New Section)
-Maps and Annotations of the Savage Frontier/Moonshae Isles/Sword Coast (Various)
-Forgotten Realms Trade Map (Wizards of the Coast)
-Forgotten Realms Calendar, Holidays, and Notes (Fan-created/

-Bars, Bartenders, Gamers, and Wagers (Hackmaster 4e)
-The Development of Towns in D&D (Best of Dragon, Vol. I)
-Settlements & Inhabitation by Population Density (New Big Dragon Games)
-Generating Towns and Cities (Expeditious Retreat Press)
-Settling Down (Dark Dungeons)
-War! (Dark Dungeons)
-Construction Costs and Time Required (Judges Guild)
-Assorted Ready Reference Sheets (Judges Guild)
-Trade Goods (Silk Road, Expeditious Retreat Press)

-Travel distance in the Forgotten Realms (Various)
-Travel tables and references (Hackmaster 4e)
-Weather Conditions/Events (New Big Dragon Games)
-Off-Course Determination (New Big Dragon Games)
-Hunting/Foraging (New Big Dragon Games)
-On The Road (Kellri's CDD #4)
-Living Off The Land (Kellri's CDD #4)

-Sobriquets (Dungeon Crawl Classics)
-Names of Middle-Earth (Colin Chapman)
-Holmesian Random Names (Zenopus)

Plots and Rumors
-The Big List of RPG Plots (S. John Ross)
-Rumor lists from old modules (TSR)

Random Matters and Appendices
-Movements and Encumbrance (Lamentations of the Flame Princess)
-"The Campaign" (from AD&D 1e Dungeon Master's Guide)
-Appendix T: Titles (Dungeon Crawl Classics)
-Giant Rolemaster Herbs List (somewhere online long ago)
-Tavern Menus (Small Niche Games)
-Writing Notes
-Middle Isles Map (Rob Conley)

Additional References and Inspiration
-Various blogs, forums, links, and online references
-Appendix N

So, there you have it: one take on the almighty GM's Binder. I'm happy that I was finally able to organize so many of my well-loved and handy reference materials in one (admittedly large binder). Now to wait for the next random table or bit of inspiration I can't do without...


Rob Conley said...

Thanks for sharing this. Plus the fact I made the list. :D

Rob Conley said...

Also which Hackmaster books are the bar table and gem table from?

Crunk Posby said...

Thanks for sharing - there are definitely some things on here I need to seek out.

I recommend checking out these resources from Hack and Slash:

Once I get mine more organized, I plan to share as well!

Zachary Houghton said...

@Rob: Thanks, Rob! Of course you're in there! :) The bar and gem tables are both from my old HackMaster GM’s Guide, 4th edition.

@Crunk: Thank you—I will check them out! :)

Timothy Brannan said...

That is pretty cool.

I have often considered something similar for my Basic D&D games.