Saturday, August 23, 2014

SUPERS! Revised Edition Print/PDF On Sale

If you saw the interview the other day with some of the crew behind SUPERS! Revised Edition, they are currently running a sale on the print and pdf together. In a cool move, it looks like Walt Robillard of HAZARD Studio essentially created the sale thanks to some potential customer feedback over at theRPGsite. I love seeing game companies interact with customers like this--in such a small community as gaming, it's amazing to me some do not do so!

I'm a big fan of print and pdf being offered together, and hope we see more gaming companies move to this further, but for now, if you're looking for a superhero RPG, check out the interview and then go check out the deal on SUPERS! Revised. The sale for now is scheduled to run through Labor Day. I just picked up the pdf and hardcover, and I'm excited to read through this weekend.

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