Zachary Houghton is a long-time RPG blogger.  He has written several articles published in various gaming periodicals, and also has playtesting and minor design credits for a number of RPG companies.  (Those who can't, blog, apparently).  He also used to run RPG Blog, which is the reason this site is listed as a sequel.

He starting gaming in the early 90's with Rules Cyclopedia DD, Traveller, and Palladium Fantasy.  Favorite all-time RPGs include the eclectic mix of Rules Cyclopedia D&D, In Harm's Way, Risus, Classic/Mongoose Traveller, Palladium Fantasy/Rifts, Epic Role Playing, Rolemaster, Castles & Crusades, Marvel Super Heroes, and Amber.

He lives just outside Indianapolis, Indiana (home of both the Indy 500 and Gen Con, how lucky can one person be?) with his wife and 3 children.  When not driving his family members crazy with gaming stuff, he likes spending time with his lovely wife and kids, history, reading, art, IndyCar, camping, and planning for next Gen Con.