Best SEO Strategies 2019

8 Best SEO Strategies for 2019

Google is always updating there algorithms, therefore making it very challenging for search engine optimization companies to manipulate sites like back in the old days. The main goals and best Seo strategies for 2019 are:

Keep it real

  1. Keep it natural. Stay original and give meaningful content.

    User friendly websites

  2. With google switching to “Fetch as Google” in Search Console, speed is now more important than ever. Optimize site for super speed.
  3. Engage with users using creative infographics, photos and videos.
  4. Use table of content for long blogs. Make sure you make a clear point right away, so users don’t bounce from your site.

    Healthy links in and out of your site

  5. Link out to informative sites with strong trust flow and high authority.
  6. Write great informative content to get other sites to naturally link to your content.
  7. Share your content on social networks like Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and hope it goes viral.

    On-site SEO is becoming one of the best SEO strategies for 2019

  8. To make things short, follow the steps and put your energies on On-site SEO to get best results for 2019.

Avraham Regevsky – SEO since 2008

Best SEO Strategies 2019
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