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Gifts For Bar Mitzvahs: Heritage Jewelry

Bar mitzvahs are significant occasions for 13-year-old Jewish boys. The gravity of the occasion is that it takes place once in-a-lifetime rite of passage.

What’s an appropriate gift for bar mitzvah to honor the special boy at the age of 13? Taking into account that this is an age when a person’s interests and tastes are constantly under change, it is extremely difficult to pick the right gift for bar mitzvah.

We have pulled together some of our favorite and appropriate gifts for bar mitzvah that will keep this important day memorable and will show how much you care.

Personalized Bar Mitzvah Gifts: Beit El Diamond Pendant With The Jerusalem Stone

Our glamorous diamond pendants with the Jerusalem Stone from Beit El collection from the Temple Mount are inspired by Beit El – the site where Abraham built an alter to G-d. The altar was a place of testimony to the only true G-d in the midst of widespread idolatry. Therefore, presenting this diamond pendant with the Jerusalem stone as a personalized bar mitzvah gift will not only express your personal feelings towards the recipient on this occasion, but also will keep the 13 year old guy remember that we should walk obediently and holly in all manner of life.

star of david necklace

Each diamond pendant with the Temple Mount Stone is created in 14K solid gold and includes sparkling diamonds and an authentic sacred Jerusalem stone from the Moriah Mount Sifting project. We can also customize it and personalize according to your requirements which we can discuss through email.

Star of David Necklace Men Jewe

lry From Israel

The most classic and iconic design in Jewish Jewelry is the Star of David pendant. This is a kind of a hexagram formed by two overlapping triangles, one pointed upward and the other downward – comes from its supposed resemblance to King David’s shield. The one who carries this shield is supposed to get the protection against all misfortunes in his life. By giving a Star of David necklace as a gift for bar mitzvah you pass this protection shield to a 13-year old boy for ever.

Our gifts for bar mitzvah selection in Moriah Stone Jewelry Collection includes traditional and contemporary interpretations in white, yellow and rose 14K and 18K gold, with diamonds and Jerusalem stone.  Check out our Moriah collection of unique and gorgeous Star of David Necklaces & Pendants created by the famous Israeli jewellery designers.

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Bar Mitzvah Ring: Israeli Jewellery Designers

Bar mitzvah rings are more personal gifts. Our Emunah rings with the Jerusalem stone and a diamond will be a perfect gift to congratulate the special young man in your life. Round geometrical shape symbolizes the flawlessness of the world, and the diamond center – is the reflection of the centrality of our core beliefs. With this ring, you handle the never-ending search for enlightment, power of faith and the strength of the character imbued in the authentic Jerusalem stone from the Temple Mount.

Emunah diamond rings collection is a unique and limited to only 77 pieces representing a secret spiritual number in regards to Jerusalem. All materials used in this Bar Mitzvah ring are scrupulously selected from the three most expensive elements – gold, diamonds and authentic Jerusalem stone.

stone ring jewelry

Inexpensive Bar Mitzvah Gifts From Moriah Stone Jewelry Collection

Another way to make this occasion meaningful within your budget is to give our Jerusalem stone necklaces with diamonds from Beit El collection. Each pendant is a unique combination of the Jerusalem stone framed in gold and a sparkling accent of a diamond. By presenting these diamond necklaces as gifts for barmitzvahs, you grant the 13-yeal old boy with life of tranquility, serenity and give the road to real happiness.

Crafted in 14K gold of yellow, rose and white color, it will become a perfect inexpensive bar mitzvah gifts for every boy.

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